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Remediation (using IE TRAP® products by ZMAC) protects electrical workers from injury and prevents destruction of equipment.> The arc flash detection system trips an upstream device upon detection of arc flash light.
> The trip signal assertion is accomplished in 1mS.
> It is possible in most cases to remediate the complete substation to several calories depending on transformer size and upstream device performance.
> System facilitates full coordination (in other words adequate time separation between TCC curves) in most substation protective relay schemes.
> System does not require maintenance mode or low instantaneous settings that in other designs can allow elevated risk and nuisance tripping.
> Outputs include dry contacts for pick up by SCADA system (PLC, DCS, etc.) for control room monitoring of trip events and system ok.
> Pre-engineering and detail engineering resources are available on request to create: project documents (SOW, TCCs, etc.), protective device setting review with recommendations, sensor location layouts, commissioning, and additional construction support.
> NEC, NFPA-70E, OSHA - Aligns with the intent of the 2017 NEC article 240.87 (ARC Energy Reduction), the NFPA-70E (standard for electrical safety in the workplace), and OSHA.​
> Contact us for more information regarding this product.
> This is a cost effective best-in-class plug-and-play system.  No PC is necessary and no arc flash relay adjustments are necessary for optimal performance. 

IE TRAP ® Arc Flash Detection System (Single-Ended Substation), UL Certified


Note that delivery is estimated to take place 40 business days following the order.  If a shorter lead time is required please contact us as it is possible to expedite.  Shipping cost will be added depending on client destination.

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