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Short Circuit, Coordination, Arc Flash Reports

  • During a free consultation, define objectives including depth of study, available options, and time frame.

  • Following a request for quotation, perform a preliminary review of all available reference materials (one lines, models from previous study, equipment counts, etc.).

  • Publish proposal, followup as necessary, receipt of purchase order.

  • Request fault data from utility supplying site.

  • Detailed review of all available reference materials.

  • Perform field trip to collect data on site.

  • Create and/or revise one line drawings as necessary.

  • Enter data into analysis software application.

  • Request additional data if necessary.

  • Perform arc flash, short circuit, and coordination study.

  • Discuss results with client.

  • Make adjustments in model if required.

  • Publish setting sheets to client.

  • Receive confirmation that adjustments were completed.

  • Print equipment labels (and order/ship bus duct placards) according to client preferences.

  • Perform field trip to apply labels and confirm one lines.

  • Publish as-recorded one lines, master record of labeled equipment, and formal report in letter form (study data results, NEC violations, under-rated equipment, site assessment with recommendations).

  • Contact us for more information regarding this product.

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