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IE Trap by ZMAC with high performance circuit breaker.


Beware of circuit breakers you will see listed that have low interruption ratings. If the interruption rating is not shown, that is a strong indication the rating is low and it is being hidden from you.


This product is 65kA@480VAC, minimum recommended. 


Enclosure meets or exceeds NEMA ratings 3R/4/12/13.


LSIG trip unit features are provided in this product to lower arc flash incident downstream and allow for excellent coordination within the power system. 
Service Entrance Ready with 1200A groundable Neutral Kit. 
Continuous rating is adjustable from 480 amps to 1200 amps.
Line and load circuit breaker lugs will accept up four sets of 3/0 AWG - 350 Kcmil copper or four sets of 3/0 AWG - 500 Kcmil compact aluminum.  Note that for larger conductors (such as three sets of 500 Kcmil) wire adaptors will be necessary.
Line and load neutral assembly main lugs will accept up four 3/0 AWG - 750 Kcmil aluminum or copper.
Line and load neutral assembly ground lugs will accept one #6 AWG - 350 Kcmil aluminum or copper.
Arc Flash Remediation utilizing IE TRAP® products by ZMAC lowers incident energy and lowers PPE requirements on downstream equipment.​ This is accomplished by providing a fast trip to shorten the arc flash event duration.  

Recommended Settings:

  • Dial 1 LTPU1 1.0 (1200A)
  • Dial 2 LTPU2 1.0 (1200A)
  • Dial 3 LTD 4 Sec
  • Dial 4 STPU 2 (2400A)
  • Dial 5 STD 0.2 Sec I^2T ON
  • Dial 6 INST 4 (4800A)
  • Dial 7 GFPU 0.6 (720A)
  • Dial 8 GFD 0.2 Sec I^2T ON


Optimum settings can be provided as a courtesy if detailed circuit information is provided.
High Integrity Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Point -  Provides a safe, fast, and reliable disconnection point to isolate equipment from its power source. 
Sequesters the main protective device out of the downstream equipment to isolate the main incoming source of power.


NEC, NFPA-70E, OSHA  -  Aligns with the intent of the 2017 NEC article 240.87 (ARC Energy Reduction), the NFPA-70E (standard for electrical safety in the workplace), and OSHA.

IE TRAP ® 1200 Amp Enclosed Circuit Breaker, 65KA @480VAC, NEMA 3R, UL Certified

$18,999.00 Regular Price
$12,999.00Sale Price

Note that delivery is estimated to take place 30 business days following the order.  If a shorter lead time is required please contact us as it is possible to expedite.

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